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Day to Day

The decision comes down to when are we punishing Harry by not allowing him to go… He had a restless evening but finally went to sleep in the bed room.  This morning he ate, had some water and did his business outside.  Had to be carried in and out of course but at least the process was normal.  He can’t stand on his own and wants to be very near us.  If he cannot sense our presence then he makes a hoarse coughing sound until I come to him.  In any case he is still with us.

The insanity of the liberal news interpreters is no better exemplified than by the endorsement of Menendez of New jersey from the New Jersey Star Ledger.  In 2015 they called for him to resign.  Now they endorse him in spite of his proven criminal activity.  The reason for not supporting the Republican…?  He scandalously accused Menendez of cavorting with teen age prostitutes.  No really… Well that and he is a republican…

Why, one asks blindly, does the American Jewish community vote overwhelmingly democrat…?  I really don’t understand.

One week to the mid-term elections.  The dirty ads continue to fly.  According to the ads, the republican candidate here is already in jail.  Or he may be out on bail… None of it is true of course but that’s how the game is played.  Smear, slime and then if it doesn’t work at least you have ruined their lives.

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