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I feel it setting in once again.  I have been pretty good about calling these things but it’s pretty much the way of the world.  coumo went on TV and regretted his sexual perversions.  Even choked up a bit.  So that’s all folks.  Now we have that bit of nastiness behind us so every reference from now on will just be labeled as old news. If you doubt the history try to remember when the Virgina Governor and his second n command were condemned for blackface and sexual harassment.  Forgot all about that old news didn’t you. Anyway, no one among the democrat governance wants to hear about the murder and coverup of the old fogies in nursing homes.  They probably didn’t vote anyway and what’s the big deal if people died a few years early.  


The so-called Relief bill that is 90% pork, is a disgrace but fully supported because, hey, who doesn’t like free stuff… The bill is a nightmare but doesn’t really stir anybody’s pot in particular other than causing those with a brain to shudder violently.  But the thought of the HR 1 bill being effected is absolutely horrifying.  The dems want to codify the election chaos of last year.  The bill overrides any attempt on the part of State legislators to eliminate the corruption and cheating that went on in 2020.  Any opposition that shows up on social media it will be strangled and killed.  If there was any real thought of armed insurrection in the past, stand by.  

If Dr Seuss can be cancelled what chance do you think you have…?  There is a song that is #1 on the Billboard charts titled “WAP”  Look up the meaning.  I am not going to say the words on this page. Lyrics for this masterpiece of poetry here.   OK, know what it means now…?  That’s socially acceptable but Dr Seuss isn’t… ?

Whew… I need a rest home.

  © Robert Graham