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It’s a dilemma for me… Chauvin’s action in continuing to kneel on the criminals neck was arrogant, unnecessary and cruel.  He clearly has major issues with his fellow man.  Punishment was in order... perhaps dismissal from the force; perhaps something stronger. But instead he was politicized in the worst way imaginable. Threats and intimidation from government officials including p* and vp*, the Governor of the state and members of congress guaranteed theater and an unfair trial.  The state of siege in the city alone should have been grounds for reconsidering the trial.  There was no justice in this conviction. The difference between conviction of murder in this case and lynching by mob is minor. 

 By extrapolation and slippery slope every one of us has lost our hope for fairness and justice on the day when THEY come for us.  And THEY will because they just showed THEY can.  This is why we got xPDT and this is why we desperately need his like again.

If a true history of these times is ever written and considered, no one will question why the United States of America failed and died.

  © Robert Graham