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Dim Day

Well at least the snow is gone.  That’s a positive.  The Republicans appear to have lost a district in PA that went heavily for Trump.  That’s not good.  On the local front… The TV still isn’t working.  Haven’t heard from them since the last visit of the so called-technician.  The grass needs mowing but it’s 37 degrees outside.  Just one of those days.

Been desperately searching for good cartoons.  Not much out there. This is the best I can do:

There was some sort of an official announcement that the PDT-Russian collusion was unproved and strictly a democrat pipe dream.  Since it’s impossible to prove a negative, the legend will live on in the desperate little world of the news interpreters. 

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I try to avoid all things Google.  It’s pretty much impossible because their tentacles have slithered around everything in the on-line world.  The multi-billions they take in rely on getting to know you and me in the most intimate way possible.  This article describes an alternate search engine that can protect your on-line searches at least a little.  Even so you can’t avoid the Google entrapment if you visit a particular web page.  Read the article and be fearful.

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