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PowerLine did not have one single comey cartoon.  The rest were mediocre at best.  I found this one:


This one also did not appear among the weekly:


I should have a narrative bit it pretty well speaks for itself.

I meant to speak out about the earth threatening, climate changing fires in the Amazon… To read the accounts one would imagine that the entire rain forrest is ablaze and man(person.. whatever)kind is doomed as the source of our O2 is brutally destroyed because of capitalism…  Sigh… Actually rain forests don’t burn.  Consider the name… They are naturally wet and inflammable…  What does burn is the fields cleared for farming and cattle.  And that is where the smoke is coming from…  I would scream FAKE NEWS but that is unkind to the narrative.

That said, here is the one I found mildy humorous this morning:

IMG 0351

Sorry, but I laughed.

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