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My Lady of the Word, Kimberly, was missing in action from the pages of the WSJ this morning.  My Friday is ruined. How will I know if the egregious FBI person, mr. mccabe, will actually be fired…?  What’s going on in FISA land…?  Who is watching the watchers if it isn’t her…?

Rumor has it that matt damon may leave the US because of PDT.  Once again… WINNING…!!!!!

As you know most of what I read and practically everything I say is pure… uh….balderdash.  But still I heard that the bridge that collapsed in Florida could have been saved had there been better gun control.  At least age limits on purchasing semi-automatic, gas assisted, high capacity magazine clips.  There was also a whisper among those in the know that the bridge was going to be used in evidence of a clintonian plot to illegally smuggle uranium across interstate highways, but that’s just silly.


Chart showing total homicides in Brazil in red compared to total from countries in blue. According to a tweet from a guy (whoops… gender thing again) named Cam Edwards:

"Brazil has firearm registration, a minimum age of 25 to own a gun, and virtually no concealed carry for the average citizen, since self-defense is not seen as a valid reason to possess a gun license in the first place"

Mike will ask for my source on the data.  Well my answer is the internet. Where else would you get a chart like that.

In other news: At Simmons College in Boston, saying God Bless You is considered Islamophobic. Well it’s only among the librarians but makes for nice outrage.

TV…? What TV…?  In my daily call to Samsung, I was told how patient I had been.  If we don’t get this resolved soon, we may have to look at other options, said the strongly accented technical support, gender unspecified, person.  And you wonder why I seem deranged and should be banned from purchasing semi-automatic, gas assisted, high capacity magazine clips...

Relative to the wisdom of the teen-aged school children on their happy dance sabbatical from the rigors of education:

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The poison foisted on my body by unknown Russian agents in an attempt to silence my revelations of their nefarious mischief has failed to even send me to the emergency clinic.  I actually may survive the scurrilous  attack on freedom, apple pie and golden retrievers… In fact I am in more danger of harming myself by tripping over one of the many golden retrievers that surround me than succumbing to chest and nasal congestion.

I am thinking once again of buying new golf clubs… Anyone who knows golf knows new clubs are the answer… What do you mean what is the question…?

Mei Mei is lecturing one of the dogs, most likely Halley, about why it is not proper to tip over and explore the recyclables trash bag.  She is yelling in English even though we have no evidence, Halley is bi-lingual.  But I am sure the weight of her words is making sense in much the same way such words would affect the behavior of teen agers who were told to stay in school and learn rather than take a day off to prance in the streets.

I guess I’ve kicked this poor horse long enough… 

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