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Do you remember…?

Back a few months when cities were burning, stores broken and demolished by looters, people beaten in the streets; some murdered outright…?  Remember that…?  OK now focus on what brain damaged biden said about all of that… I quote:  

 "what we witnessed ... was not dissent, it was not disorder, it was not protest. It was chaos. They weren’t protesters. Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that simple.

 Oh wait… I forgot. That’s not what he said about antifa and blm … He said nothing about them.  Those were the words of the man who wants to heal and be president for everyone… spoken yesterday and directed at people who dared to demonstrate against his fraudulent assumption of the presidency. He isn’t the president. Don’t dare call him president…


OK. I’m done.  anger vented and sanity restored to the extent possible.

Mei Mei fully recovered from the malady brought on by food, drink or perhaps just God punishing her for using facebook…  I do acknowledge that we will avoid the Chipoltle franchise for quite some time to come.

It’s cold and rainy this morning.  The amount of debris, mud and general disarray created by four dogs on rainy days cannot be imagined… Throw in the destruction of my sheepskin slipper early this morning…  No wonder I am insane…


  © Robert Graham