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I’ve completed the morning reading.  I scoured the headlines; read rather than skimmed the WSJ.  I just can’t find the nugget this morning.  My Friday Kimberly was good stuff as always but fundamentally she has already laid out the evidence in sufficient clarity for the average doorknob to understand.  Those with lesser comprehension skills, uh… say.. uh… democrats.. won’t get it, ever, so her music is a dog whistle.

Someone commissioned a poll about whether or not it is appropriate to refer to MS-13 as animals.  A poll.  People in places like Venezuela are scraping garbage cans just to sniff the residue and someone in this country spent money on a poll… I’m… What the… sigh…

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Very interesting article in the WSJ about how LBJ spied on Goldwater during the campaign.  He used both the FBI and CIA.  Maybe hussein studied more history than I give him credit for. ( WSJ story is behind paywall so link is to another version)

I am three days behind in preparing my lesson for Sunday.  And it’s Memorial Day.  Got to get going… right after I rest my eyes a little…

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