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Done and done

Whew.  No more lessons to prepare from the of work Clive Staples L.  I enjoyed the reading but pretending I understood it all really challenged my acting ability.

A lot has happened lately.  I should note up front that Lena, a pale golden colored little girl from Turkey has joined the pack.  We guess she is about three; well mannered and very sweet.  No health issues, fully house trained; somewhat of a counter cruiser but otherwise a prefect foster.

IMG 1571IMG 1572

She has strong attachment to the lady of the house.  Apparently my refusal to declare a gender is a bit off-putting to her Islamic background.

The passing of John McCain was not unexpected.  We are all on that path after all.  We should celebrate his heroic survival from the horror of maniacal torture and physical brutality but no more so for him the the others who suffered unspeakably in that infamous place.  They who are largely anonymous will pass without the fanfare of public mourning or twitter storms.  And that’s probably how they would prefer it.

I see where the Pope himself is under fire with demands for resignation.  The dichotomy of self- sacrificial service to Humanity in God’s name and the horror of the abuse of children is mind bending.  I don’t have the intellectual power to achieve an understanding or rationalization.  Maybe it will become clear to me after I get old.

So do you think PDT will continue to survive the idiocy of his ego driven lashing out at anything that displeases…?  Frankly, I don’t see a happy ending here.  In the first place the man was a successful developer in New York, of all places, for a very long time.  His closet has to be yuge to hold the skeletons that must be stacked in there.  That the shrieking opposition hasn’t pried the door open is something of a miracle to date.  But they are armed with the full authority of the news interpreters, court system and the SpecProc.  I think they they will get him even if it’s unfair and unconstitutional.



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