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I finished the Byrne book “Deep Rig”.  It was a short but intense read.  Everyone should read it but even though it was #4 on the WSJ top sellers list, few of consequence will. I won’t argue the meme. There were three messages for me:

 Byrne makes a powerful case that the election was manipulated in the 6 key cities and states needed to swing the Electoral College.  The voting machines were hacked and subverted; ballots were produced and counted from nefarious sources; foreign interference was rampant. Physical evidence, statistical evidence and testimonial evidence was clear and convincing.

The second message was the Trump response was mis-managed and feeble, besieged by incompetent bureaucrats and infected by the losers who wanted Trump gone.  Trump had a case to present and evidence to support it but he didn’t know it and was shielded from knowing it. Trump’s personal loyalty to Giuliani was his downfall. Sydney Powell had the goods but was prevented from pursuing the case.

The third and most discouraging message is “they” get away with it because "we” don’t fight back.  They pulled the same shenanigans in the Georgia run-off and they did it openly and blatantly because they knew they could.  We are silenced by fear and intimidation. We won’t put a Trump sticker on our cars; we won’t wear a red cap… we are afraid and rightfully so because so are the so called authorities. Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle… BLM… 

Now the democrats are so emboldened they are attempting to throw out a duly elected, certified and sworn in Republican member of the House just because they can… The legislation HR-1 is nothing more than canonization of the criminal corruption cited above.  Why, if the election was honest, is the democrat machine going to such great lengths to make sure it cannot be investigated…?

Sorry.  I’m very discouraged.  I truly believe we are past the tipping point.  HR-1 and the the 2022 mid terms may very well pour the final cap of concrete on the grave.

To end on a more upbeat note, watch this and note this could have been xPDT …

Surprised this hasn’t been cancelled…?  Me too

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