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Lot’s of noise, rain, yada yada… But as Mike reminded me this morning,  a few downed trees and power outage certainly isn’t the Bahamas…

We are out of internet so I am connecting via hotspot on my phone.  Actually seems like a faster connection than Cox cable… The internet went down hours after the storm passed.  Cox keeps texting me fake news about when it will be restored.  First it was 6:57 last night.  Then 8:56.  Then 10:57… Then: stay tuned… This morning the text said all is OK but that was just more fake news.  Now they are saying 9:58… Oh wait an update:11:06… wait for it…. yes, another update: 11:07.  You can’t make the stuff up…

Here is a link to the cartoons.  I won’t strain my bandwidth.  The quality is diminishing every week

As fate would have it we are scheduled for a roof replacement starting Monday.  Unfortunately the roof seemed to hold up inspire of hopes for otherwise.  We do have some ceiling stains obviously doe to the leakage.  Not sure if insurance will cover… We had also scheduled our landscaper to come by and two some trimming and weed control.  He is here this morning just in time to do some cleanup of the limbs and leaves Dorian so thoughtfully left behind.

The post storm weather is clear and beautiful… Isn’t it always…?

Found in the pantry of a prominent democrat:


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