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Ain’t seen the sunshine since.. I don’t know when… Johnny Cash.  

We picked up Jackson from his long train ride back from Pa.  He still seems on track for his change of life as of the 23rd.  In the meantime we have a lot of chores to keep him from boredom.

Ginger is still settling in to the pack.  She is fine with the the other dogs but hasn’t deciphered the rules.  She spends most of her time in the kitchen area leading us to believe she may have been restricted.  Last night she slept in our bath room.  Several in the past have liked that cool floor for sleeping.  She has some minor health issues to sort out before we post her for adoption.  

I get it that the dems think PDT will be easy pickings in 2020. But I don’t get how the no-names think they have a chance.  After all the democrats have no use for the primary system.  The party picks the candidate and uses super delegates to make it happen.  Democracy…. pssshhh… we don’t need no stinkin’ democracy.  Is it political ego or just general stupidity that brings all these folks to think they can be Your President…?  Personally, I would vote for Joe but alas he won’t run….


So it is clear that AGBarr was quite serious about finding out the circumstances leading to the spying on the Trump campaign.  Unless the details and indictments are completed before 2020, should one of the many available democrats get elected, the truth will be buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa.  Those of us educated by the wonderful Kimberly and others such as Byron York think we already have it all figured out.  But the hussein-clinton nexus in all of this is still obscured.  In a fair world perp walks would be in order from the top down but fair is a political concept.  I am sure I will get old, never realizing fairness as my politics define it.


Things to do that are much more important than these silly pixels… cabbages and kings…


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