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Dreary… sort of

It’s Saturday.  That used to mean something but now it only means the occasional SBS and golf on TV.  But this Saturday is 1) our anniversary 2) our first day with a new foster 3) Roscoe’s first day without that nasty tumor on his eyelid.  The vet clipped the tumor and then froze the remainder.  No anesthesia so that was good.

Hope is a three year old female from China.  She was having some anxiety issues at her foster home, causing diarrhea and other symptoms.  She was paired with a young puppy who apparently was relentless in annoying the poor girl.  In any case we were asked to take her on an emergency basis.  She is very sweet but a little anxious.  Not too anxious because she is currently sleeping at my feet.

IMG 1964

This morning the Islamist and the Chi-com ran together to the back fence.  All we need now is a Russian or maybe an Iranian and our political assembly will be complete.

Normally on this occasion, I would pen a tribute to my companion of 58 years. Maybe not today but that doesn’t make me any less grateful for having her in my life for well over a half-century.  Had she not rescued me from my evil ways back in 1957, I probably would not be here to create these  pixels

Want to know why PDT is so great…?  In spite of universal opposition from within and without his Party along with threats to overturn, he held to the tariffs.  Mexico had no doubt he meant what he said.  After all they read the papers; they knew about the politics… yet they came to an agreement.  This sort of no BS is why we so desperately need him in 2020.

The Saturday cartoons were disappointing.  I’ll post a couple but my enthusiasm is low…


and finally: 

IMG 1747

See what I mean…?


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