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I am too stupid to breathe on my own I guess…  I cannot grasp the simple concept of why it’s a point of pride to mock, taunt, deride and condemn PDT for wanting to secure the borders.  It’s socially acceptable for smart people; the elite if you will, to shout fiercely and with conviction against anyone who would advocate the prevention of criminal trespass upon the lands of this nation.  I guess that same determined intelligentsia would not object if the those intruders violated the sanctity of their own personal space, you know, homes… businesses… and demanded shelter, food and the other necessities of life.  


Well, how would I know…?  I am still confounded over the the righteous outcry from that same elite corps of Americans who demand the privilege of murdering the unborn and defenseless infants whose heartbeats are happily awaiting entry into the same country.


Sorry about that.  I periodically self-examine my comprehension of democrat principles even though I pretty much get the same answer every time.

Over Thanksgiving, a  profession football player for the Panthers, got into a spat with his brother over the concept of kneeling during the National Anthem.  As the argument turned physical, the dad retrieved a shotgun and ultimately fired hitting the idiot  son in the hand and leg.  The son was hospitalized and the Dad arrested.  The second amendment applied to the first amendment.  I don’t know… The lesson I get is don’t screw with old people.

Lena came home having done very nicely with surgery.  She is quite unhappy with having to wear the dreaded cone of shame.  We don’t like it either but the ramifications of her chewing out her stitches and infecting the wound are severe and unacceptable.  Wear it she will.

I discovered my faithful, long serving iMac, circa 2011, is not able to be upgraded to run the current MacOS.  That is sad.  I especially like this model as if has a slot for both a photo card and a DVD.  The current models have neither.  As providence would have it, a Navy Exchange scratch-off arrived.  Since we all know Federal Law and more importantly, the Law of More Stuff, demands use of the scratch-off, I may just take advantage of a 5% and no sales tax discount. 

Thought for the day:


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