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Equally dreary Tuesday

Is there actually a sun…?  Rumors persist but evidence is sketchy.  We were going to host our dinner for neighbors outside on the deck to enhance social distancing.  Hard to do in a persistent drizzle…

This morning a past president of CBS News, in a WSJ op_ed, expounded on the fact that the news media has gone past the tipping point in their unrelenting liberalism; fear and loathing of PDT in particular.  Interesting perspective, says I, in irony.  The essence of his testimony is that the general public has no faith in what comes from the news interpreters. 

Thus we have leading “journalist” who revel in the false premises of their liberalism; apologists for prevarication and outright lies.  Adjunct to the interpreters we have the democrats who say they believe that biddy biden actually raped Tara Reade but who cares, they are happy to have a vapid, mentally deficient rapist as their president as long as it isn’t PDT.  Precedent set with slick willy in any case.

As the oppressive blue governance worsens the Covid crisis, will the Great American Public come to it’s collective senses…?  Sadly, it’s doubtful.  They will just forgive and forget until everything is gone.  Practice your chinese kids...


  © Robert Graham