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is a $43 BILLION, $43,000,000,000 company…. Think about that just a moment…. OK… Thought about it…?  Simple question…  How does a free internet service generate the revenue to build that enormous wealth…? Answer: They get it from you, the subscribers, by selling your information for advertising.  How valuable is your personal information…? Look at the number again and try to imagine that much money.  You can’t do it.  


In other news, it would seem that the death of the honor code at USMA can be attributed to the wuhan…  70 cadets accused of cheating on a remote math exam.  Apparently they will be “re-educated” rather than dismissed.  I am sure they will be given passing grades as a reward for participating… But that’s just me talking, a graduate of the Academy whose administration now forbids the painting of Tecumseh before football games because… offensive.  Sigh…  Memories...


We missed the Christmas Star convergence of Jupiter and Saturn last night.  It was overcast.  I assume that means the Wise Men will not visit Virginia…. Oh wait… we haven’t had wisdom in Virginia since the last Republican administration.  Come to think of it, the last Republican Governor left in the disgrace of corruption…  No wonder God punishes us.

  © Robert Graham