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Fair and Balanced

Not sure where I stole that slogan… catchy right…?  Only kidding Bret… anyway some updates on things.  No further news from Kayla or Scott.  All guest dogs have returned to their real homes. Not sure it’s related but deep sighs from Roscoe and Gracie.  The shower upgrade is complete.  I’d show pictures but I don’t have before so there is no comparison.  In any case the upgrade is significant. Taxes done and paid,  Nightmare.  Severe injustice to have to pay to live under this administration.

The latest New York subway insanity starring a left wing racist, begs the question: if the FBI weren’t so busy stirring up right wing nut cases. could they have done a better job of preventing this crime.  With the caveat that that I am anything but a FBI apologist, I suggest that the answer isn’t one we want to hear. The antagonist in the New York case was well known to authorities. Did we want them to watch him with cameras and track his movements…?  If you say yes to that one consider yourself tracked and under surveillance.  There is no moderation in that game.  To be fair, the FBI generally follows the rules for domestic crime.  They only ignore the rules in the case of political agendas.

  © Robert Graham