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fancy nancy


Let’s face it… She is a tough lady.  I wouldn’t want to count the political bodies in her closet.  So you can imagine how she must be feeling as she reads and hears that she has lost control of the democrats to the AOC gang.  My guess is her rage is just short of apoplectic.  The interpreters don’t want anyone to know the dems are just a few votes short of a resolution to deny the Holocaust… But that’s about where they are.  And fancy nancy can’t whip her anti- semitic clan into line because of… well… you know who.  It’s fun to watch but also begs the question:  will the Jewish voters see the truth and abandon the democrats…?  Probably not.  Lemmings indeed.


First golf outing is in two weeks.  Not only am I not ready but I wonder if the frost will be gone.  The sun is bright this morning but I may have mentioned that I don’t play when the temps are in the 30s.  Or 40s.  or 50s...

I’ve added doing the taxes to my list of things that aren’t getting done.  Should be an interesting exercise this year.  Will I be punished by the PDT tax cuts or rewarded…I asked the dogs for a consensus… Yeah.  They just want to know how it all affects their free stuff. 

Speaking of dogs, Gracie Pearl has suddenly decided that all outside the immediate confines are barbarians at the gate to be snarled at and possibly shredded.  On the other hand anyone inside the confines only exist to provide continuous, hands-on, admiration of her very pretty self.

I have removed the comments section from these posts.  No one ever used them and I have been told the whole scheme was confusing and intimidating.  As soon as I figure it out, I will include an email link so comments may be directed to the offender himself, if I may be allowed to assume a gender. I tried to replace the page counter but you have no idea what a nightmare that is.  Some days I get 47 hits before I even post the page.  Some pages go without hits for weeks… But really… What difference at the point does it make anyway….?

Humbug.  Or Beat Army.  I like to fall back on the tried and true when I am grasping for ideas…

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