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Farewell Charles

I can’t add value to the tributes to Charles Krauthammer.  I just know I wish I had a smidgeon of his wisdom.  

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We leave very early tomorrow morning.  I need to get serious about this trip.  Still have no suitcase.  Can’t find travel documents.  I tried to check in but the system wouldn’t scan my passport.  Oh bother, as Pooh would say…

The comedy of bias within the DOJ is beyond anything a fiction writer  could compose. Former Ass’t Attorney General Kadzik, who was part of the  DOJ investigation into bb hil’s email server, was trying to get his son hired by the clinton campaign.  He was also passing tips to the monster woman’s campaign chair on the state of her email release.  Wow.  He was cited for “poor judgement” .  Any real person would have gone to jail.  But democrats ...

I guess I missed the CNN/WP/NYT headlines on the hussein cyber security chief confirming he was told to stand down from countering the Russian influence in the election.  I must have dozed off.

The picture just wouldn’t fit but I had to use it. —————>

Pelosi in 2014: 

"Let’s Not Politicize All Of These Children In Detention Facilities…"


Then there were Peter Fonda’s remarks… You can read them here.  Not worthy of a quote.  These are the people who want to govern your life… If you aren’t frightened you don’t understand how the hussein years were only a taste of what the liberals can do.

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Ok, now where is that suitcase…?  Pack a tux…?  Can’t I just use the Iamoldandnotresponsible excuse…?  It’s really weird starting the cruise the same day you leave… We got an email saying boarding would be delayed due to sanitizing from a norovirus out break… Oh joy…  

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