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Punk today… Nothing good will be said.  


Much ado on FOX and the WSJ about hints that the Durham Probe may produce additional indictments amid slowly oozing revelations that bb hil in fact caused spying to be done on a sitting President.  No so much as a peep from what is known as the “mainstream media”.  Thus the question is begged:  If a crime is committed but the occurrence is ignored by the press, does the violation of the law matter? I’m pretty sure the question was asked and answered in the case of the hunter biden laptop and emails… Anyway I predict zero consequences for originators and culprits of this heinous political crime.


A state of Emergency was declared by the foppish boy who is the PM of Canada, allowing him to do arbitrary things such as freeze bank account of folks who irritate him. He, if I may assume a gender, seems to be exactly the type of personality that desperately wants celebrity but when held to the light shows up as Screwtape…

Let’s Go Brandeau….

As for Ukraine...


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