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What does it say about us that we suffered from an internet outage for three days…  No, our roof wasn’t blown off, no flooding,  all lives safe and intact.  We had power and TV… And if the truth be know we had internet via a phone hotspot that was pretty solid.  Still we suffered…  In any case service was restored yesterday while we were at church.

The mad mob was out over the weekend in Portland.  The mayor thought all of that was just fine.  But of course PDT is a fascist.  


I didn’t catch PDT on 60 minutes last night.  I would imagine he was in his element… He can say just about anything and not lose his appeal.  I do warn against alienating SecDef though.  That man cannot be replaced.

I have in the past assigned the nickname bb hil, meaning big bad hilliary, to the wicked witch of that union of foul political operatives.  The reason was my silly attempt to ridicule and demean her in fear of ever becoming president.  I see now that she was and is capable of self-ridicule beyond anything anyone else could achieve..  She somehow reasoned over the weekend that billy’s dalliance with young intern was not an abuse of power.  How exactly the team of them has fooled so many people is the mystery of our time.  


I had an interesting dream about Harry. I dreamt he wandered off in the woods in the same manner as Lori, a golden we lost years ago. We assumed she wandered off to die.  We never found a trace of her.  But I had second thoughts about Harry wandering off and went to look for him.  When I found him, he just wagged his tail and got up to come home.  The message is clear.  We’re not ready to let him go.

aa© Robert Graham 2012