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First things First

It’s one thing to omit daughter Kathleen’s birthday, but oh the price I would pay if I forgot her daughter… So happy Saint Patrick’s Day birthday to Megan Kathleen O’Fuqua.  I thinks she’s 12 or something…

Second thing: I finally got to see someone get justice from the FBIDOJ scandalous menage of leaders from the hussein era. Bye Bye andy…  yehaw...

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to bb hil and her chronic diarrhea of the mouth disease.  The longer she lingers the more damage she does to her ever diminishing  group of demented loyalists.  Wouldn't surprise me to learn one of these days that she had a “fatal” fall.  


Apparently the Russians put some nerve agent in my room humidifier last night.  I had a minor relapse from the poisoning.  I can’t be stopped though.  One needs a normally functioning brain to be affected by Russian poisoning.  Clearly that’s why democrats seem to be immune from collusion investigation…

I know I’ve beaten this to death but the good cartoons are just keep coming.


Even though we fly a lot, we haven’t tried to accumulate frequent flyer miles.  But recently we flew to Israel and England business class  so we decided to take advantage.  Which airline…? Why United of course.  That dog killing, doctor dragging, 1st class ticket reassignment organization of note… Yeah we really think this stuff through. 


Poor Harry is declining.  He has a lot of trouble getting his feet under him when trying to get up.  He still makes it outside and uses the ramp but he struggles.  He has cataracts and his hearing is poor.  But he still wants to be near his people so he will try to move from room to room as we do.  He hates the bare floor because he tends to slip so will just bark in frustration until someone comes to help him.  But he hates it when we try so everyone gets frustrated.  But he’s Harry and we love him dearly.

Golf starts Wednesday.  Supposed to be cold, windy and rainy.  Yeah man, my favorite conditions.  To make matters worse the golf course is on the Eastern Shore, which necessitates paying a hefty toll to get across the bridge tunnel.  Think maybe I’ll sleep in…

Finally this one:


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