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First things...

Happy Birthday Scott. Tried to FaceTime but scottygraham was not available.  Sunrise…Sunset…quickly go the days. 

No, this isn’t sexist favoritism.  I already apologized for missing Kathleen. Give me a break.  I’m an old man with bionic parts suffering from severe cognitive degradation.

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Today, Halley, a 3 year old Golden Girl from Turkey, is supposed to arrive.  We have learned not to get too excited.  Our last foster opportunity was diverted at the last minute.  She’s a good looking girl.  It’s a given she has Islamist tendencies what with her Turkish origins; she will surely acquire democrat perversions from her foster pack.  The combination could be devastating within our pro-PDT, racist, right wing barbarian, 2nd amendment supporting home.  I’d ask for your prayers, but wouldn’t want to impose any sort of mental illness on you.

Our escapist little terrier has behaved herself for the last few days, with respect to going through the fence anyway.  She still maintains a very vocal vigil at various windows.  Must be working.  No home invasions or burglaries since she ha assumed the post of Chief Security Officer.

I have not renewed my WSJ subscription so I have no idea what is going on in the world.  It’s hard to be politically balanced when all one has is FOX, InstaPundit and Drudge.  My reluctance to pay the subscription fee is somewhat offset by my passion for the Words of Kimberly.  Mike sent me to a site where the costs are significantly less but my inertia remains an issue. Something to do with my #cantgetoffmyass affliction.

In the meantime this article from Byron York about a new judge in the matter of Michael Flynn is very interesting.  The new judge is the one who castigated the DOJ when they unlawfully prosecuted Ted Stevens ruining his career even though the case was dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct. 


Sorry. I got distracted trying to find out what “common sense gun control laws” are.  You know, Google and Bing and that sort of thing.  Lots of hits, the essence of which is: guns kill.  Eliminate guns and the killing stops. Wow.  How did I miss that…?  Common sense.  So here is where I throw down the punch line, right.  But what’s the point…? The liberals can’t hear it because of their own cacophony of discordant screeching. Right thinking folks are already bleeding from the ears. 

Here’s a thought: How about some common sense mental health treatment…?  Can you hear that…?

I’m not a fan of the FBI leadership.  Liberally democrat inclined and biased is my story and I’m sticking with it.  That said, I cannot blame the FBI for not catching the school shooter because he was reported.  All they had was a name and a posting.  How many of those do they get in a day…?  Does their workload permit chasing every one..?  “Common sense" says otherwise…

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