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There may or may not have been massive voter fraud in the Presidential election.  That there was cheating is undeniable. But that is nothing new.  The mafia swung the Chicago vote for JFK leading to his winning a very close election.  As I have noted before it is always the democrats whose integrity is questioned. 

 Massive fraud implies a deep conspiracy that involves well coordinated cabal able to pull strings and project its power across the cities and counties…  Yeah maybe… but these democrats…?  nancy with her ice cream and hair dresser…? newsome with his dinner party…? cumo the killer of old folks…? biden who couldn’t pour water out of a glass with the instructions labeled on the bottom…?  To me there is too much ego and ignorance for the grand cabal.  

In any case the reduction of the blue wave to a damp trickle is counter-indicative.  If the cabal could’t swing the senate, what kind of cabal is it anyway.  Of course the opportunity still exists...


The damaged world, Ladybug and Ruby are now our fosters.  We will see them through rehab and adoption and that will be a long run.  Ladybug finally ate something this morning, the first food in 6 days.  Assuming the covid doesn’t get us we will love them back to health and get them a forever family.

Happy anniversary Joe and Bonnie.  Eight years.  We had a lovely lunch with them yesterday to celebrate.  First time I have had dress-up pants on in many months.


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