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Not sure how to define the above.  For example: A federal judge ruled that a cruise line may indeed demand proof of inoculation as a limitation on boarding the ship. Is that an abridgment of freedom or an exercise of same…? In NYC, verification of vaccination is now required to eat at a restaurant and to attend other venues… Same question. If one feels freedom has been abridged but has the option to exercise the choice to not buy a cruise fare or not patronize a given event or venue, how do we define freedom…?  I lean towards the libertarian…

Then there is the Apple decision to scan the personal devices “owned” by the public for evidence of child abuse. Granted the horror of child abuse including child pornography should evoke severe condemnation and penalty.  That notwithstanding at what point does the arbitrary and capricious imposition of moral judgement by a commercial firm become freedom limiting…?  Check  the 4th Amendment to the Constitution: Does it say the right of the people to be secure…shall not be violated, unless by computer algorithm …? I don’t think so… But I lean towards the libertarian…

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