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Friday already...

Of course Fridays used to mark the coming of the weekend.  No so much for those of us retired.  It does mark a climate transition. Yesterday the climate recorded a high of 77 degree.  Today the high will be more like 50.  Climate change… You can’t live with it - you can’t live without it.

I just heard that the House voted to approve the mega-pork bill.  Only one democrats dissented.  Not sure if any republicans voted yea but I will assume no.  Our local representative clearly voted for the bill and I hope that will lead to the termination of her career.  I wonder what happened to the cry the bill costs zero after the CBO refuted that ludicrous lie…?


I also just heard that vp* will  officially sit in for p* while he is unconscious during a colonoscopy procedure.  Wow.  I cannot believe the number of jokes that situation offers, I mean besides the obvious joke of both of them. Will they discover the brain of p* in the process…? Will they have to apply anesthesia to p* or will his normal unconscious state suffice… How will they know he is no longer unconscious…? Suppose vp* doesn’t want to give the power back…?  Would anyone notice…?


  © Robert Graham