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Friday already…?

Not a lot of evidence thus far but I am pretty sure time theft is an impeachable offense.  On the other hand who needs evidence to prove impeachable offenses…?

PDT is taking heat for interfering in the administration of military justice because he restored the rank of the Master Chief Navy Seal who was convicted of some horrendous crime under the pressure of warfare in Afghanistan or thereabouts.  

The trial was a cluster fark of prosecutorial misconduct on the part of military trial judges and prosecutors. The Navy wanted to at least disqualify the man by forbidding him to wear the Seal Trident. PDT said no way.  The moral issues at trial are significant. There is no way to rationally judge in this case.  Who among us can understand the situational pressures imposed on men who are trying to serve in an environment where everyone, man woman and child, is trying to kill them and their team…? 

So PDT cut through the BS and said leave them alone.  And that’s among the reasons I will vote for him - again.

Apparently there is a catch phrase on social media: “OK Boomer”,  that is used sarcastically by millennials to mock the Baby Boomer generation’s derision of them and their attitude.  I have no connection to social media.  I don’t tweet, facebook or any of the other verbs associated with the culture, so I did not understand the reference until I  looked it up. Now I understand the cartoon I used a week or so ago… And now it’s laugh out loud funny

Yesterday I saw the dentist and the eye doctor. I can still both chew and see.  

I, along with the entire class of 1961, marched in JFK’s Inaugural parade.  I admired the way JFK handled the Cuban Missile Crisis.  JFK had a strong aura of wisdom about him...


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