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Friday Already

I should be playing golf on this beautiful morning but not to be I guess

I can’t even begin to find the words to properly condemn the democrat attack on AG Barr.  Do they even hear themselves…?  I mean gratuitous slander and personal attacks are the norm for democrat politics but the obvious stupidity of their theme leaves me gasping for air.  They seem to be complaining about the totally accurate summary that AG Barr didn’t have to provide but did in an effort to be transparent.  But in any case the report is public and the conclusions are all there to be seen.  The summary, correct as it is, isn’t required.  Go read the $%^& report.


Kimberly, as usual, has the real story.  The dems must destroy AG Barr before he unveils exactly what stinks to high heaven behind the screen.  The news interpreters realize the truth is probably coming.  They don’t want to hear it any more than the democrats do but it’s a very juicy story that could see indictments of some big names.  The calculated leak that the FBI assigned a Mata Hari to go after the campaign is obviously designed to steal a bit of thunder from what is in the wind.  The best they can hope for is this will all be old news when the stuff hits the fan.

Lames are visiting this weekend.  And just in time, the upstairs A/C unit decided to be a congress(person)… doesn’t work and won’t work until we pump a large sum of cash into the position.

It seems that both CNN and MSNBC are suffering a severe ratings decline.  What a surprise.  They were so invested in the collusion BS they now have nothing to offer.  Happiness is what it is.  Happiness.


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