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Friday already...

The climate has begun to back off from glorious. Just a little cooler today with temps diving into the 50’s tomorrow and next week. Oh, the horror of the democrats… I know... non sequitur… But what can I do…?

Naturally while p*doj was meandering through the  teleprompter last night,  I was defending person kind from pixel overrun.  I missed whatever wisdom may have been imparted, but my allies among the blogs cued me in.  A quote: 

"The more people are fully vaccinated, the CDC will continue to provide official guidance on what you can do in the work place, places of worship, with your friends, as well as travel," he continued, urging people to listen to Dr. Fauci. "In the coming weeks we will issue guidance on what you can and cannot do when fully vaccinated.”

The GUMMINT will tell me what I can and cannot do… How great is that…?  My deepest fear as things go to “normal" is that I would have to think for myself.

My views on social media are no secret even without posting on Twitter.  The world gets further bent every day by zuckerberg et al… Remember if it’s free to use, guess who is paying…


Caption for this picture: (From Babylon Bee)

Heroic Secret Service Agent Dives In Front Of Biden As Reporter Tries To Ask A Question



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