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Fun and Games

PDT pulled the trigger. The damage to Syria is irrelevant.  Syria is unlikely to recover from it’s own suicide.  A bit of trivial missile damage means nothing.  When PDT spoke profanely concerning “holes” of a particularly nasty variety he certainly had Syria in mind. The real question here is exactly how many missiles were shot down.  If most got through then Putin and his minions take a hit.  If most were destroyed then we lose.  That’s how proxy wars work.  

How bad does does big jimmy look when he goes on TV and potty mouths the CinC….? It is altogether too clear that the FBI and DOJ leadership was/is a bunch of whiny, egocentric girly-boy democrats ( no gender reference intended ).  Of course what would you expect after 8 years of hussein. the penultimate representative of exactly that characteristic…?


Did you get the part where he said he didn’t think it necessary to tell Trump that the dossier was paid for by bb hil…?  Why not, he asked, didn’t he think it was important information for the president to have…? His reply was just so cleverly articulate: "uh…I don’t know…”  Don’t even get me started on the place in the book where he admits it was simply political reasoning that led him to reveal bb hil was still under investigation.


That PDT pardoned Scooter Libby is heartening indeed.  When it comes to a street fight, our guy is well equipped and doesn’t hesitate to go for the body parts that count.  Anyone who thought the Donald was just going to let the news interpreters and sweet old Maxine take him out might better reconsider.  

Even so, my life is currently focused on that event several years ago when a young member of The Three, barely 30, walked out on a stormy Sea of Galilee and schooled his boys (no gender issues in those days) on faith and all that.  After we get past that we’ll begin to work on the story of a Special Prosecutor and his mission to bring down a man of the people…

aa© Robert Graham 2012