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Fungible … or not

Until recently I was pretty sure a non-fungible token was something one hung in one’s closet to ward off fungi of various sorts.  I even berated Joe for not knowing that.  Not sure which is the bigger joke: my definition or the real thing.  If you are curious, I have rendered a digital image of Roscoe, the magnificent.  I created it in my mind so there is no other copy.  You may obtain the rights to this image for a salubrious donation of 13 bitcoins in Roscoe's name which I will oversee as his guardian.  Hurry to get in on this deal because there are hundreds if not thousands of absolutely clueless democrats who will grab this opportunity.


Oh what the hay, I’ll just give it away:


or something like that.  The details get fuzzy after wee dram or two of a well aged single malt.

Poor old tony is looking worser and worser.  As folks scroll through his heavily redacted emails, they are finding actual criminality but who is surprised that our government will lie and hide the details when they are caught out in perfidious corruption.

It really is a sad commentary on how severely xPDT was excoriated for speaking what turned out to be the TRUTH. Many, many times he was correct; beautifully and wonderfully and absolutely the best possible correct in the history of mankind.

  © Robert Graham