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I’m still laughing over the cartoon I posted yesterday.  PDT denying lizzy a reservation… Chortle… At the risk of the poor horse beginning to bleed, here is another...


Don’t skip past lower right…  I could do this all day…

It should be a warning to everyone that facebook want’s you to allow their camera in your home…  Good Lord isn’t their exploitation via the computer enough… But I’m afraid my shouts of concern will fail.  The facebook/google empire pretty much already has everything they need, so what the hey… let them see it all first hand.  

When you think your daily grind is frustrating and maybe even a little disgusting…   Divers swim through 90 feet of raw sewage to unclog giant, hairy ‘fatberg’

I remain somewhat skeptical of the Khashoggi mass hysteria.  No doubt in my mind he was dispatched in the most horrible way imaginable.  But it troubles me that lowlife cia freak brennan, is making claims about collusion with the Saudis.  And the news interpreters are all over this one, citing evidence from Erdogan whose political reliability is right in the cesspool with Iran.

When all is said and done Rosenstein will turn out to be to be a villain.  The man is entirely too sleazy and I don’t like his looks.

It’s cooling down here.  All the way to the high 50’s.  Not happy.  The dark ages are coming. Makes my inner democrat want to scream


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