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The climate today is supposed to be mild and warm.  This also marks the first day of the golf season for the Virginia Beach Seniors. Actually the season opened last week but was snowed out. 

I should be playing but I skipped out because of anger issues.  I am beginning to understand how some persons can become so angry they need to do bodily harm.  There are a number of matters that have have caused my brain tissue reach a full simmer:

First of course: Samsung has resisted my attempts to restore a very expensive television set, made and warrantied by them, to working order by employing systematic stonewalling and delaying tactics worthy of the IRS FBI DOJ.  During my last conversation they denied that any technical repair efforts had been effected and no replacement could be authorized until the action was complete.  My counter argument that a “technician" had visited my home on three occasions - scheduled by them - was summarily dismissed as imaginative fabrication on my part.  This was all amusing and trivial for two and a half months but now I realize that they have no intention of fixing the TV.  They will wait me out until I give up; or the warranty expires; or I end up incarcerated.

I realize the other issues are simply aggravations that feed on and amplify the anger I established at Samsung.

I have long lamented that the google/facebook/isp data gathering to feed their greed for advertising revenue was intrusive and damaging to privacy. I had no idea.  Here is a compilation of some of the data those organizations collect.  That doesn’t include the what the FBI CIA NSA collect and store. It’s enough to make a person angry.

Can you imagine the audacity of a government that during a census count would require a person to answer whether or not said person is a citizen…?  Oh, the humanity…  Why, that just makes me angry.

Ooh boy… the villainous pixel formations from my PS4  are going to suffer today….

aa© Robert Graham 2012