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Good day...

on the golf course yesterday.  Three of our team broke 80: one guy was even par, another was just two over;  I was at 79.  Always fun when everyone is on.  Sort of like when the republicans do something right… Doesn’t happen often but great when it does.

Who is your favorite opponent for PDT in 2020…?  I’d be happy with any of the front runners:  joey, mad man bernie, or that indian chick.  The most scary pairing would be buttigieg and kamala… very scary indeed.  Let’s hope the power structure swings towards joey… Make America America Again indeed.


Four dogs is a lot of dogs.  Hope, our problem child, is settling in nicely.  She is still very apprehensive, especially about me.  She is worried about my putting and tendency to shank wedge shots… Just kidding … my putting isn’t that bad… Ginger goes to the vet today for a post surgery check.  If all is well we may get her on the available list soon.  We have to go up to DC to fetch Scott and family next week so what to do with four dogs…?  Can’t take them obviously, but don’t want to trust them to an inexperience sitter either…  I mean four democrats in one house demanding care and attention…?  Too much.

Some scary goings-on the Gulf…  Four tankers get mined… Blamed on the Iranians… Then several Iranians tankers suffer mysterious fires while in port, at least two destroyed… And just in the last few hours it appears there were torpedo attacks on tanker in the gulf.  And oil prices were just starting to go down… Coincidence…?

Did I read somewhere the Pope has said God determines gender…?  Wow.  How does that affect a man’s right to choose…?  I mean this could affect a young guys dream to shower with the girls basketball team.   Sometimes this religious dogma is just not fair…


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