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Good day yesterday

Got done those things which I ought to have done, left undone those things I ought not to have done, to paraphrase something from an old prayer book.  We are still celebrating Christmas but that’s not all bad.

Today’s quiz:

We watched the Clemson - Alabama game in hopes of catching a glimpse of grand daughter.  Some quick shots of the band but failed to locate her.  Stupid half-time show… Why do they do that…? Would rather have watched bands perform.  

The same classy democrat who taught her young son the MF epithet as applied to PDT is also blatantly anti-semitic.  And there you have in essence the democrat party… Who gets the blame…? The Great American Voter.

Looking forward to hearing PDT tonight, in spite of the fact that CNN and the WP assure me he is a proven liar and so I should disregard anything he says.  Of course the same folks will allow the democrats to say anything they want without challenge.  Sometime life just doesn’t seem fair.

My new iPhone would not respond to Hey Siri.  Siri has always hated me; something about #metoo but that’s another story.  I engaged Apple Chat on the support page and Mikala from tech support had me reset my phone, losing all settings.  But now Siri is there, somewhat sullen, no doubt having been chastised for her boycott.  She will tell me the weather even though I am sitting by a window and she even gave me the score of the Clemson game last night.  Maybe we are on the way to BFF. Now to restore all the settings and there are a lot of them

This new chair is interfering with my nap schedule.  No reclining so I can’t nap here, but sitting is soooo comfy…Like is tough.


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