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Good day

I played very well yesterday, breaking 80, notching my first "shooting my age event" since getting almost old.  We did play Heron Ridge - home field advantage.

The climate has been lovely for the last few days.  It’s nice to see the local colors, greens and assorted reds and whites before the heat of summer lashes out.

We are still fighting the spill of gasoline in the back of the van.  I applied a thick layer of baking soda to the area hoping for some aroma mitigation.  Next is the carpet cleaning with the small Bissell.  In the meantime leaving the back gate open to the air.  We have been advised to spread coffee grounds, a solution of vinegar and water… But most sites tell me the smell will linger forever.  Sigh…

Given the democrat hate for PDT and their willingness to overlook and even participate in treachery and criminality from the National governance, combined with the complicit news interpreters, it is pretty much a miracle that the  presidential coup orchestrated by hussein and the evil witch of Chappaqua  did not succeed.  It’s thanks to patriots like Rep Jordan and Nunes that we have the insight into the ground truth.  Were it not for them only the stench would have apparent.  In a just and fair world, the next IG report and the Barr efforts would condemn the interpreters to their shame and result in some much needed jail time for some very senior criminals.  But we know how that’s going to come out… See Smollett for details.


Creepy joe finally loaded into the clown car.  In what America does it make sense for this group of mad hatters to be the darlings of the electorate…?  Allow the Boston Bombers to vote from prison…?  Surely that is parody… I sob at the truth…

We watch the TV show “Seal Team”.  it’s not the action story you might think although there are snippets of good guys taking out bad guys in just the way you hope is reality.  There is a heavy emphasis on the family and mental issues suffered by that particular group of heroes.  Last night the show focused on the plight of damaged vets dealing with the VA.  It was a harsh and uncomfortable show but probably very close to the truth.  We retired military enjoy amazing health care benefits.  Not so for the veterans who didn’t get to retire.  The VA is a National Tragedy somewhere near the democrat corruption in scale.  Only an intervention from God will make it serve those who did. Or a benevolent dictator who can hang folks at will…

Big things coming to VaBch this weekend with high celebrity music concerts.  I don’t know the players but millions of others do and are flocking into town. Pharrell Williams is the lead name and he is bringing a lot of other high profile groups.  The bottom line is the crowds will dominate the weekend.  Best not to venture into the downtown.  We will for Church on Sunday assuming the town isn’t on lockdown or burning…

I’d like to mention that back when we were meeting resistance from the Navy recruiters as Jackson tried to enlist, I asked for assistance from my representative in Congress.  She is a democrat but a retired Navy Commander.  For the record, I got a response but zero help.  The local office did make a call to the local recruiter and that only made the situation worse.  It’s not likely I would ever vote for her anyway but certainly not after this.  Lesson is congressional representatives are hardly that.  They, especially democrats, are there to support the agenda.  There are no benefits for constituents unless the constituent can pay….



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