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Good Lord...


I guess I know how he feels, after all I am almost old myself.  But the poor specproc… Whew… He is truly old.  The hearing were just sad.  About the only thing new was that now we know mueller had almost nothing to do with the investigation.  He didn’t hire the staff; didn’t attend the interviews; clearly didn’t write the report… Hell, he didn’t even read the report.

The clowns who forced him into a situation where his  decaying mind was on display world wide, sadly couldn’t beclown themselves any further  nadler and schiff were already the laughingstocks of Washington.  Now the bullet holes in their feet don’t even bleed anymore.

I was very wrong about one thing:  there were no good cartoons.  I guess even the conservatives couldn’t bring themselves to further disgrace the man.

The deck had gone from this:

IMG 2100

to this:

IMG 2109

It’s not done yet but getting there rapidly.  The stairs went in so we were able to kidnap Roscoe back from Bonnie and Joe.  

As expected the news interpreters went into full spin mode as they desperately tried to pull a nugget out of the pile of excrement the specproc left on the table.  I did watch a large portion of the testimony.  I was very impressed with the job the republicans did in their questioning.  Had mueller answered any of their very relevant questions, the dems would have rushed to their caucus rooms to commit mass sepeku.  As it was, mueller couldn’t and wouldn’t answer. After all he wasn’t really part of the process. That he was unfamiliar with Fusion GPS… uh… I have no words for what that means… I love the Republican questioners comment:  “This isn’t a trick question…”

BTW if you didn’t listen to the actual testimony, here below is a précis:


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