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Good Morning...

Both a greeting and a state of being. We celebrated Independence Day with Joe and Bonnie, Scott and Kayla and four dogs.  Ribs, slaw, brats and beans; finishing with lemon meringue pie on the back deck enjoying  beautiful conservative, MAGA sunshine and climate.  There was little concern for anyone’s pronouns, equity or BLM.  The PBS rendition of patriotism left a lot to be desired and fortunately we turned to another program before we were aware of Vanessa Williams rendition of the so called Black National Anthem.  


If you didn’t get your fill of patriotism and who could ever, really… here is an oldie but goodie...

Ladybug will be posted for adoption today and Ruby holds her first family interview tomorrow.  Scott and Kyla will be here until the end of the week when they go up to the DC area to visit family there.  In the meantime we took advantage of young energy and got the garage emptied.  Decades overdue and tons of junk cleared.  We need the room to park the third car that Kayla will use next year when she returns for college somewhere - we hope.

It’s only been 6 months but one wonders if the news interpreters will ever realize how destructive it is to have a non-entity as President.  There is a sadness to the vacuous mashed potatoes mentality of p* just as we mourn the loss associated with the instances of dementia now so prevalent among our generation.  In his case the sympathy is tempered by the brazen attempts to use the president’s mental absence as a way to seize and maintain power.  His wife, p**, arrogantly attempts to hide her lust for the throne by propping up the faltering image of her husband while pulling the strings. 


The willingness of the left, as represented by the NYT declaration that the National Ensign is “divisive”, to be openly anti-American is astounding.  I simply can’t compute the events that got us here. I’m not sure there is a path out of this mess short of bloodshed but as a minimum it would require a massive change in Congress to overcome the corruption on both sides of the aisle.  Sadly the cartoon below should be labeled “Conservative” instead if Republican but you get the idea.


  © Robert Graham