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Good Morning

A greeting, not an evaluation.  The y key has sort of returned to my keyboard.  It was the last hold out. I guess there are worse things than spilling water on a keyboard…. I mean it could have been single malt… Can’t even imagine what words would emerge from such an incident.

At the top of the news is that the FBI opened an investigation into whether PDT was working for the Russians when he fired Comey… Gracious me… What th…?  I mean did they open an investigation into hussein when he literally flew pallets of cash and gold into Iran…billions as a gift… ? It’s so irrational all I can say is... Benghazi…

There were some pretty good cartoons this morning.  I’ll try to plagiarize the ones that m_  warped sense found funny.  (_ still skipping apparentl_)

The grand mosque at Mecca is suffering from a plague of locusts.  Finally.  Thank God.  Soon to be featured: a grand exodus of the Jewish people to the promised land… Oh wait

IMG 1160

Since I am just being sill_ this morning here is a story about a woman who can’t hear men’s voices. Big deal… Most men have been aware of that condition since the early years of marriage

The kicker for the Bears who missed the winning field goal will forever be memorialized in cartoons.  Among the best:

IMG 9196

Finally (assuming you got this far):  A surgeon was fined because he removed a man’s kidney, thinking it was a tumor.  Lesson: alway check your surgeon’s voter registration...

One more.  Sure looks like Duncan...


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