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Good Morning

I mean that in the general sense of a polite greeting.  My attitude has nothing to do with the climate, political or otherwise, or implies a sense of well being.  In fact you may be suffering from a gender crises, Low -T conditions, allegiance to the party of AOC and omar, polar bear depression or one of many other social ills.  I don’t really care.  End disclaimer.

That said, the news of the day is rather trivial.  The WSJ, an editorially conservative but otherwise typically liberal rag, carries the headline: Democrats pass election reform likely to die in the Senate.  Implication to those of us too important to actually read the story: the dems are trying to clean up politics but the right wing barbarians will kill that idea.  In fact what the dems propose is a massive anti-first amendment attempt to control conservative alternate news interpreters.  Even the commie infested ACLU oppose that legislation.  But don’t tell anybody…OK? 

Here’s a question for you;  Who is Jussie Smollett?  Faded from the news pretty quickly didn’t he…?  Sad when you no longer can carry the narrative..

Another article informs us that sick  marine animals are turning up on the shore of California.  If one reads the details, heavy rains are creating toxic run-off into the ocean and sickening the creatures.  But really… the punch lines here are endless… Health care for all, build the wall across the beaches, rain in California…?  Write your own.  I’m busy.

Also in California, computers will now call balls and strikes during minor league baseball games… You remember baseball right… National pastime and all that…? So what could possibly go wrong…?  Well for starters they have a person (umpire) backing up the computer in case the computer gets it wrong…  Think about that one.  Who decides if its wrong and if it’s the umpire then why bother…?

Cartoons - some good ones to steal from PowerLine today:

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IMG 1372-1


IMG 1349

And my favorite - a little irreverent - but still...

IMG 1371

Lesson plans… Taxes…Jeessh… Never ends… Can’t wait to go Socialist… The gummit will do everything except take my nap.  Me and bernie… Yeah baby…


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