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Good morning

As in the past this is a greeting not an evaluation. It’s raining again.  Sigh…

I caught a little of xPDT’s speech.  He was trumpeting the election corruption at the time I tuned in. He will never be dissuaded and I have sympathy. Nothing seems to have changed in the man since 2016.  Comparing his energy to that of p*doj is an astounding exercise.   Still I see no way he will run for Prez again.  While he remains extremely popular, I just don’t see his personality making it to the White House again.  Hopefully he will back a more articulate and polished version of himself - like Kristi Noem - and let him or her get he job done.

I am taking exceptional delight in the plight of coumo and the possible recall of newsom.  What does it say about the things we don’t know going on the coumo world when the democrats actually pile on…?  When nan the ripper calls out another democrat there must be underlying rot not seen by the average person.  I have no doubt that the democrats will save newsom. After all his crime is only against the people and who cares about them…?

  © Robert Graham