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Good old Thursday

Such a benign, happy-going day.  We have landscapers rummaging though the shrubbery, pulling evil, socialist tending weeds. CNN would scream assassination but we here in rightwing land prefer flower bed gentrification.

Yesterday, Copper, who suffers from a cancer, joined us for a two week stay.  His foster family is visiting the area and we were given the honor to baby-sit.  He is a big sweet, loving guy who just wags non-stop.  His face is deformed by the tumor but he doesn’t know or care.  His prognosis is poor.  He was given 6 months but that was two years ago.  Last night he slept in our room and every time one of us got up his tail thumped out his happiness.  Before you ask, we just don’t know the details of operability or treatment history.

IMG 1565

If I were to rely on the traditional news interpreters, it would be clear that democrats swept the day by losing on Tuesday.  Apparently the fact that all Trump endorsed candidate won and all socialist backed democrats lost are either clear markers of the supremacy of the anti-PDT forces or a harbinger or GOP disaster in November.  

Well, perhaps I speak too soon because one Ohio county has just located hundreds of uncounted votes.  It was probably the Russians except for some reason, whenever untabulated votes are mysteriously located, they almost always tend to favor the democrat.  The election of Al Franken comes to mind when a trunkful of “overlooked” ballots put him over the top.  I’d point out the many examples of more votes recorded than voters in Chicago and counties in California, but you get the gist…

Comic relief…? Oh just listen to Ocasio-Cortez on how she plans to fund her medicare for all, free college, yada, yada, socialist agenda… It will crack you up. That assumes you haven’t had a recent lobotomy  or your particular gender preference is one of humor deficiency.

How was golf yesterday…? I don’t want to talk about it.

Dianne Feinstein and her harboring of a Chinese spy for 20 years… Does that give you cause for sharp intake of breath…?  TWENTY YEARS…  Where was the the incredibly competent Federal Bureau of Investigation…?  for TWENTY YEARS…?  And for all I know the guy is still driving Miss Daisy around listening as she wails to herself about what she heard as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee (oxymoron if I ever heard one)

Of course who am I to talk, what with an infestation of Russian field mice, having been established in my crawl space complete with listening devices planted in the insulation along with various bodily excretions.  Roscoe tried to warn us but we disregarded his pointed indicators of the invasion.  Now we are faced with long investigations, costly ripping out of insulation, sanitation, and other measures too painful to list.  The monetary outlay will approximate the Manafort spending on wardrobe.


I may have to reconsider just how benign Thursdays really are…

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