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Good Weekend

Actually a little mixed.  Ignoring for the moment the decent of Canada into the sort of evil Stalin and Mao would have celebrated, and the plight of Ukrainians trapped between the inhumanity of Putin and incomprehensibility of the US President, things went well.

Kathleen drove my sister Betty down from Washington on Friday, giving us two days to reacquaint amd enjoy unfettered time together.  It was really wonderful.  Out of respect for Betty, FOX news was silenced and political talk limited to a few unsolicited outbursts from one who will not be named.  We worked on a jigsaw puzzle, enjoyed the company of Bonnie and Joe, told old family stories and even watched the very old video of our USNA Chapel wedding.

On Sunday the girls left early and after Church we turned Khloe over to her new family.  That was bittersweet.

I understand the the Capitol building, one that belongs to the people but controlled by the democrat elite is being fenced off for the occasion of the State of the Union speech.  I guess that pretty much sums up the actual State of the Union.


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