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Good  Weekend

25 folks, classmates, their spouses, friends and dogs gathered Saturday for the 18th annual Army-Navy party and Bonnie’s birthday.  Navy as we all know by now exceeded expectations by pushing a vaunted and favored Army team all over the field as well as scoring more points.  Good game, especially for Navy’s defense.  I predict the Navy Defensive Coordinator will be heavily recruited and leave soon.  Too bad it works that way.  We had a good party; surprisingly little alcohol consumed. Almost old people don’t drink much.  Sunday the Cowboys beat the Skins… uh.. WFT.  In this house that’s a good thing.  

The quality of the weekend included not watching, reading or discussing any news or interpretations thereof.  Consequently I have no political comments.  Well… maybe a cartoon:

How sad that this is more truth than parody 

  © Robert Graham