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That’s the weather this morning.  I played 9 holes and played well.  Stopped after 9 because the bad shots were still in there and so I quit while I was ahead.

Still basking in the great news about the dogs.  I was convinced they were infected because the mode of transfer is usually via saliva and they all shared a water bowl with Hope.  I am getting  tested next week to close the loop.  I’d better be clear because I don’t want to explain to Mei Mei why I have a venerial disease.

I looked for good jimmy comey cartoons but came up short.  Fortunately my lady Kimberly took the IG report and explained it down to my poor mentality.  Sneaky, leaky comey she said.  Clearly the IG didn’t like the former FBI Director and for a whole report full of reasons.  It is so obvious that the FBI, under comey, ignored the crimes of clinton and plotted the downfall of PDT.  That they failed is something of a miracle.  comey justified his criminal deceit as honorable because it was the "right thing" for America.  The extent of his megalomania as Director of the FBI should scare every person in this country right to their core.  That same disease infected most of the leadership of the hussein cartel.  The house cleaning and jailing of the  splenetic miscreants is not complete.  I want to see perp walks...


Then there is poor old joey biden… He told a war story at a campaign rally that even the NYT said was false in every respect.  But poor old joe… He said “you have my word as a biden, this story is true… In many respects I am praying the dems nominate him… but, Good Lord, can you imagine the disaster if he should be elected…? and we well know how bizarre the Great American Voter can be.

Tomorrow should produce some excellent comey cartoons.  Looking forward to it


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