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They arrived Friday evening.  Kayla wanted to get right to the golf course but it rained on Saturday so I held her off until Sunday.  She spent a good part of Sunday hitting balls and working  on her short game.  She said men on the practice tee kept giving her balls to hit.  She really is something to watch.  

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Scott is quite trim and fit.  He had a scare with his blood sugar earlier this year and has really taken it seriously.  

We didn’t get downtown to participate in any statue razing.   It seemed like a lot of trouble but of course we are fully in support of ripping away any of history that folks might find inconvenient or personally distasteful. I was sort of curious as to why the cancel folks have ignored the fact that democrats fought the abolition of slavery, created the KKK and have been on the wrong side of the race issue since way back in the day… But then I do realize that the logical derivation of conclusions from facts is quite outdated and has no place in the current culture of violence and cancellation.


 I’m on day 5 of my CPAP therapy for sleepiness.  Although I am growing accustomed to the breathing apparatus, the process does not seem to be making me any more “Woke" that I was before.  Will I ever be able to accept the democrat perspective…? What’s that…?  It’s for sleep apnea… What about Social Justice…?  What can I do to deal with my systematic racism…? But how can I shake this need to vote republican and to adhere to conservative values…  Brain transplant…?  Ah… Brain removal.  Right that’s the ticket.

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