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Dreary morning.  Depressing reading.  Bad cartoons.  Probably should just go back to bed.

Well anyway, My Brilliant Kimberly, in the WSJ this morning, discussed the way Flynn was set up and cooked by the SpecProc team.  At least, according to her, the sentencing judge in the case, is looking askance at the process used by the gummit and the sleazy DOJ to railroaded the man.  Judge Sullivan, the presiding Judge, is the same one who took the government to the woodshed for unlawful prosecution of Ted Stevens in 2008.  The DOJ prosecutorial malfeasance cost Stevens his seat in the Senate.  One hopes the SpecProc will be tarred and soiled by the Judge but the prospect seems unlikely.  The best we can hope for is Flynn will slightly exonerated under the radar without coverage from the Interpreters.

On the same news day, we find that DOJ cannot come up with text messages from the Strzok-Page duo while they served the SpecProc.  “Sadly" both phones were purged and sanitized fully before the extent of the conspiracy could be documented.  You and I would go to jail for these type of “mistakes” but if you wear the proper label, it’s just one of those things… fog of war, you know.

The Weekly Standard has come out with an article on Nikki Haley echoing my feelings about the woman that I pixelized jut a couple of days ago.  Read in awe and wonder

Almost done with my lesson plan.  Only need about 4 more days… What do you mean today is Friday…?

Given the hysterical cries over the Khashoggi nightmare, one would think the South African intent to confiscate all WHITE farmers land would raise a foul odor within the news interpreter community… Especially given the recent cry for killing all white people from SA government officials.   Apparently extremism against the cause of white privilege is entirely acceptable.

I could take a cheap shot at ocasio-cortez because it’s just so easy, but what’s the point.  She was elected and probably will be reelected.  Oh, what the hell...


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