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A spontaneous ejaculation of laughter usually caused by the sudden realization of irony. That was me over the weekend when I read one democrat’s pronouncement that Kavanaugh should be disqualified for bias against democrats… Sigh


I have the type of tightly wound mind that always thinks of the snappy comeback two days later. Me and George Constanza… Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if the Judge when being pressed unmercifully by dicky durbin about requesting an FBI investigation responded “why yes senator, I would like to have an investigation into why you and your colleagues sat on the Ford letter for two months before leaking it out to the press at the last possible moment and in the worst possible way”

Sorry.  I just can’t get over the whole mess.

Very excited about the upcoming weekend.  Steve and Kathleen are planning to come down… Steve has agreed to undertake a complete revamp of the home network.  I have all sorts of hardware on order including cables, new modems, access points and switches and I know don't know what all.  Hopefully I won’t get old before having the chance to work it all.  

Mei Mei and Jackson took Lena to the beachfront on Saturday for the Neptune Festival.  The Rescue Group always hosts a booth and shows off available dogs.  Perhaps as a result we received a very nice application from a family yesterday.  we’ll see.

I for one would like an investigation into what happened to September.  Except for my Birthday weekend, I cannot recall a single day.


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