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 Halley has a vet visit this morning to basically get her cleared for adoption.  Not sure I can go through with it.  The family will have to adopt me along with her.  Deal killer right there.

When I heard that a PDT associated firm had used FaceBook data in the election workup, I thought the outrage would be so intense it might damage my TV (chortle).  But the reaction was muted.  Wondering why until I realized this:


In case you missed it, that was the hussein team back when… Corruption has a flexible definition depending on right or left.

Juan Williams had a good one last night.  WRT to the the constant overheated dither about whether or not PDT is going to fire mueller, he said words to the effect of: Well Trump is always on the brink of firing mueller.  We know he was thinking about it a couple of months ago...  Thought crime is nasty indeed.  I hope Juan doesn’t start reading my mind… Virginia has a death penalty.

Dogs don’t like to pee in the rain.  It’s raining.  It’s raining very hard.  

Next visit by the TV technician is Thursday.  My plea will be insanity and I doubt the jury will convict.  In any case my affairs are in order.

Cutting this short to get Halley to the vet.  I found this cartoon sometime ago but haven’t worked it into the narrative.  Speaks for itself:


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