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The picture I posted was deceptive.  Halo is an ultra-sweet guy but physically he is a mess.  He has severe hot spots on his back, underside and his legs.  He has swollen eyes and so far undiagnosed issues with them  His right ear flag is swollen… Sigh.  He is taking a ton of meds, eye drops and powders for the hot spots.  The powder masks the inflammation on the shaved areas.

He also needs a bath but can’t do that until we make progress on his sores. He is a pure bred, registered Golden - rare in the rescue business.

I cannot imagine a worse Federal situation.  The border is wide open and no-one other than the ultra-magas seem to care.  Not one story on it from anyone who isn’t FOX news. Of course the rape of the ten year old made the cut but not because the rapist was an illegal.  p* in his screwed up oatmeal brain thought he could make a point about abortion so the news interpreters allowed the story.  


I know the picture doesn’t fit but somehow “pedophile" got stuck in my head.

A doctor was banned from Twitter recently because he cited a report that the Wuhan vaccine is possibly reducing sperm counts.  If you think there are any redeeming values to social media I urge you to rethink.  There are none.  The whole concept is destructive to social order, the mental heath of children and corrosive to the God given rights of man.  Ask yourself: how does a company who offers a “free” social service make billions of dollars….?  When the product is free, you are the product.


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