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Hanging in there

Tough night. Harry panted and wheezed all night.  He would only rest if I had my hand on him.  Unlike him since he usually just sleeps; only being awake to eat and relieve.  Consequently we’re both a bit tired this morning.  Both Roscoe and Lena were concerned, showing it by laying down beside me as I comforted Harry on the floor. I was pretty sure today was the day but he perked up for breakfast and eliminated normally.  He still wants to be here and so we’ll do whatever it takes until he changes his mind.

Lots of nonsense in the reading this morning.  The pre-midterms frenzy is peaking out.  The news interpreters are going full bore on blaming PDT for anything and everything. And as usual PDT keeps stirring the pot.  He is what he is.  To get to the gold, we have to paw through a lot of plain old waste.


I remain pessimistic on the election outcomes.  The congressional republicans have little to show for their tenure even if PDT has made thing happen.  The democrats have no message but the stupid lemming rush off the cliff is the nature of their voters… Makes me want to do this:


I don’t have a narrative for this one.  But it’s self evident.  


Harry is resting quietly so I think I will do the same.

aa© Robert Graham 2012