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Happy 4th...


I stole the picture from Drudge.  I suppose it should be Philadelphia in the back ground.  It is bit ironic that the big blue cities where ant-americanism flourishes that will set off the most watched celebrations.  One wonders how Colin Kaepernick will mark the holiday…  Perhaps he will self flagellate with chains in some dark place so that his agony can testify to the horrid injustice represented by American repression of the African culture. More likely he will drink American beer and eat American food in an American Mansion made possible by American privilege as he and his Nike buddies spit on the flag.


I had a root canal on Tuesday.  Wasn’t too bad.  Unfortunately the filling seems to have come out today on the major holiday when the dentist is unavailable.  Probably nothing to worry about but it is the sort of thing that makes almost old people age…

I played pretty good golf yesterday.  Once again I had a great team and we came in first.  The highest handicap player on my team (20 )  shot an 80 with 3 birdies.  

We’ll celebrate America with the Kuhns this evening.  Have to get home before the fireworks.  Dogs are notoriously wary of explosions not to mention, as dedicated liberal democrats, unappreciative of the symbology.

We wish you a Happy Fourth of July.  May the celebration of your freedoms ring forth.  My inner democrat will naturally be somberly protesting the jingoistic and xenophobic display of egotistic false patriotism from PDT.  The outrageous spectacle of actually celebrating the military aspect of what normal people call cook-out and fireworks day… Sigh...


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